zvezde granda

Is it posible to change Dvor?

01/01/2011 17:05
Zeljko Mitrovic has returned to his duties after several days in the hospital. The owner of TV Pink and "Dvor Srbija" show will still have to go for a short treatment at the famous clinic in Austria. Mitrovic is suffering from severe anemia, which is the cause of his stressful life, which is not...


Farma now with much higher fees!

27/12/2010 20:20
The long-awaited second season of the popular show "Farma" is going to be broadcast tonight at 21 hours of TV Pink. More than fifteen VIPs will move in at large and rural property in Barajevo, where they will not have any contact with the outside world, and will have to face the heavy farm tasks...


Zeljko Mitrovic is optimistic about his new show

03/12/2010 18:00
- The interior of the royal palace will be located in Šimanovci most powerful industrial center in Serbia. We decided to invest in this area, located only thirty miles from Belgrade, because it is very promising and largely affects the entire economy of the country - Mitrovic said for Dvor...


Sikica is a "Farm looser"

18/11/2010 20:25
After two weeks, shot-map with "Farma", he was Sikica! Singer known for his poem "Al would be šikicala, but we are not the Mint" did not answer any questions in a knowledge contest and eventually won just 23.3 percent votes.   Paroški avoided ejection after duplication of votes for victory...


Biljana Secivanovic is very sad after TV Show

30/10/2010 01:23
Singer Biljana Sečivanović after launching the Zvezde Granda in an interview said that she had while in reality most missing son Matthew, who was the reason for her tears, and found that the ballerina Dragana still in love with Nemanja. - To son, I cried several times, I'm really missing,...


Survivor Srbija

Why people show their evil faces in Survivor TV show?

31/10/2010 13:49
Although his tribesmen did not reveal that he had found the secret immunity, Njegos again strengthened its position by forming a friendship with a small Acom. Dusan was skeptical of this new friendship, even overheard to Njegos and Aca are planning to enter the final. While others deal with...


Dvor Srbija

Dvor is a new show on TV Pink

26/12/2010 15:43
The new project of TV Pink, called "Dvor" is quickly prepared and when completed will be the biggest reality show in the Balkan region. All is intended to be new and totally unique, and will copy only the best parts from other similar projects. The owner of TV Pink Zeljko Mitrovic, announced in...