Biljana Secivanovic is very sad after TV Show

30/10/2010 01:23

Singer Biljana Sečivanović after launching the Zvezde Granda in an interview said that she had while in reality most missing son Matthew, who was the reason for her tears, and found that the ballerina Dragana still in love with Nemanja.

- To son, I cried several times, I'm really missing, but I did not let anyone except members of the household to see, because I do not want to re-trailing tails to catch only the votes of the audience to tears, and the situation at home. Now I want to be with my son, to dedicate myself to family and careers.

I am a fighter and I knew I could win in a knowledge contest. I wanted to stay on the farm, but unfortunately I am not a scandal-master and it was crucial to the audience. On the farm are all entered for the money! I think that Dragan advantage of the situation between Lack and Milena, because he still loves - concluded Biljana for Zvezde Granda Blog.