Dvor is a new show on TV Pink

26/12/2010 15:43

The new project of TV Pink, called "Dvor" is quickly prepared and when completed will be the biggest reality show in the Balkan region. All is intended to be new and totally unique, and will copy only the best parts from other similar projects.

The owner of TV Pink Zeljko Mitrovic, announced in January a new reality show called "Dvor". The medieval castle, in which will be filmed a new show, is built in Simanovci, near the Pink's film studio and there will be VIP contestants live like kings, princes, knights, slaves and court jesters! The show will last two months and the winner is expected fabulous cash prizes!

-Fully authentic show called Palace of Serbia is something new and yet unseen anywhere in the world. There will also participate VIPs from the former Yugoslav republic, and perhaps also from other neighbor countries. There, everyone has their role, and we also have a king, queen, court jester and even slaves. We will try to copy some of the best stuff from similar reality shows that were popular the last few years. It will be very interesting - he is the owner of TV Pink Zeljko Mitrovic, and explained why he chose Simanovci:

- The new reality show called "Dvor" is located in Simanovci, because we estimate that this site is the right choice. It is only thirty kilometers away from Belgrade and it is a center of industrial zone in Serbia. Works should be finished by early January - said Mitrovic.

Reality show "Dvor blog", which threatens to disturb the glory of most watched shows of the "Farma" begins broadcasting 9th January, when it will be known for a complete list of participants. On this occasion, the work is released and www.dvorsrbija.com site, where all the Pink's television viewers able to get information on what happened in the course of this reality.