Is it posible to change Dvor?

01/01/2011 17:05

Zeljko Mitrovic has returned to his duties after several days in the hospital. The owner of TV Pink and "Dvor Srbija" show will still have to go for a short treatment at the famous clinic in Austria. Mitrovic is suffering from severe anemia, which is the cause of his stressful life, which is not uncommon among the modern business people.

- Zeljko Mitrovic feels great and works. We all advised him to listen to doctors and to take a little vacation after the New Year to his exhausted body can fully recover. Pink media system is set up to work quite well and we will try to offload Zeljko until you recover - we were told Tanya Vojtehovski from Mitrovic's company.

Because of the many obligations it has in many European cities like London, Vienna, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Podgorica, Skopje and Sofia, Mitrovic must a lot to travel. Also, the owner of TV Pink must more than once a year to travel to America to buy the latest Hollywood movies that he want to show us. This is to him very difficult, and this was reflected on his health, which was seriously damaged after several years of business life. For the time he will have to skip many sessions.

Doctors say that Zeljko Mitrovic was suffering from severe anemia. This should not be surprising when we consider how he worked the last three months. He had great responsibilities as he opened the new television in Macedonia and Slovenia, and because of these commitments spent hours working and not sleeping or eating. For now, his condition is stable but will still need to receive daily doses of medication.

Zeljko Mitrovic's medical condition improves after therapy. Still he will have to visit some of the specialized clinic in Austria or Italy where he will spend four weeks. After this he should return to normal life and focus on his work, especially his latest project - reality show "Dvor Blog".