Sikica is a "Farm looser"

18/11/2010 20:25

After two weeks, shot-map with "Farma", he was Sikica! Singer known for his poem "Al would be šikicala, but we are not the Mint" did not answer any questions in a knowledge contest and eventually won just 23.3 percent votes.


Paroški avoided ejection after duplication of votes for victory in a duel of knowledge, and Katherine save the strong support of viewers. Thrown Sikica says not disappointed.

- It was fine! But that is "put up a panel" to me, mom would tell them - said Sikic.
Bane and Catherine no longer hiding sympathies - while they were lying in the stable model and singer they did! On the other hand, the impatience of other farmers is increasing - Gold and Ekrem have a fight because the owner of the hit "House - work after leaving the toilet is not cleaned by the bucket VIP villagers use for washing, so scared that everyone will be sick because of poor hygiene Jevric. Another conflict broke out between Lee and Mena Bakija, because the denser the jam jars eaten with a spoon. When he was reprimanded Novi Sad showman, Baki countered by curses and insults, and then went and physically to deal with "tin" in survivor blog! That they did not intervene other farma blog, the calculation would have happened.