Why people show their evil faces in Survivor TV show?

31/10/2010 13:49

Although his tribesmen did not reveal that he had found the secret immunity, Njegos again strengthened its position by forming a friendship with a small Acom. Dusan was skeptical of this new friendship, even overheard to Njegos and Aca are planning to enter the final.

While others deal with Njegos machinations, he happily rubbing their hands because they are well positioned with cherries, Ace and Teje and his remaining trio can not do anything. In the struggle for personal immunity win just Njegos, which the other means that he just choose who the next summer from "Survivor Srbija." As no one doubted that he found the hidden immunity, on the same quest for sending small Acu, at whose discretion the now can count on. Vesna feels vulnerable because she heard that Njegoš lobbying heavily for her eviction. In an open discussion Teja admits she would vote for her, and if Vesna drop, next on the hit list will be Srdjan.

In their consultations Srdjan and Vesna express disapproval of Njegos osionog behavior, but little can take to change something. Dusan only silent, but only knows that there's no way to enter into a deal with Njegos, while everything else comes to mind.

Klemen has taken only hope that no agreement has been concluded and that the plan take place only in the near future. The following day the competitors again expected Tribal Council and three members of the embarrassing questions of the Grand Chamber. More remains to be seen who will win the double voice like in Talenat , that some might prolong their stay in the Philippines, a ticket to place someone in a large chamber.